While existing Chartered Accountant firms have focused on audit and tax consultancy services, we plan to go much further. Thus, we have developed a team that consists of professionals who have gained expertise in finance, corporate and tax laws, marketing research and information technology.

We believe that there is great potential of small and medium size industry in Pakistan, if the right professionals and investors team up in business ventures. Thus, we are focusing ourselves to provide financial and corporate consulting services to potential investors and progressive professionals who have the ability and will to become entrepreneurs.

In our opinion, in order to revolutionize the economy of Pakistan, existing entrepreneurs need to be educated about the benefits of organizing themselves and giving a formulized corporate structure to their entities instead of sticking to a “one man show” policy. Documentation of processes and defined systems are necessary to provide a solid base that plays a pivotal role in making progress at a pace competitive to the global community.

Thus, we provide management, corporate and business consulting services to existing entrepreneurs. In addition to consulting services, we offer support infrastructure to small and medium size organizations through outsourcing their Accounts Department. In this way, such organizations are able to benefit from services and suggestions of Chartered Accountants at affordable rates.