1. Geomatics Engineering Services (Private) Limitediucf

2. ADMARK Marketing (Private) Limited

3. ADMARK Consulting Services (Private) Limited

4. ADMARK Media Mind (Private) Limited

5. ADMARK Trading Company (Private) Limited

6. Proton Institute of Advanced Technology (Private) Limited iucf

7. Sterling Real Assets (Private) Limited

8. Sterling Real Assets (Private) Limited

9. Sterling Real Assets (Private) Limited

10. Sterling Real Assets (Private) Limited

11. Supreme Corporation (Private) Limitediucf

12. Supreme IT Solutions (Private) Limited

13. Supreme Marketing Service (Private) Limited

14. Supreme Management & Financial Services (Private) Limitediucf

15. Supreme Real Estate Services (Private) Limited

16. Worldwide professionals (SMC-PVT) Limited

17. IS Marketing (Private) Limited

18. Global Intelligent IT Solutions (SMC-PVT) Limited converted to a private limited companyiucf

19. Global construction and development (SMC-PVT) Limited

20. Global Property solutions (SMC-PVT) Limited

21. Global Financial and business advisory services (SMC-PVT) limited

22. Global recruitment services (SMC-PVT) limited

23. Superior management (SMC-PVT) Limited

24. Information Technology Solutions and Softwares (Pvt) Limited

25. Wood Aesthetics Private Limited

26. SASH Construction Private Limitediucf

27. Emirates Worldwide Investment Private Limited

28. SIG Combibloc Obeikan FZCO – Pakistan Office iucf

29. Surry Chemicals Pakistan Private Limited

30. Monaco Maison (SMC-PVT.) Limited

31. Beijing Lahore Trading (Private) Limited

32. Blaze Travels & Tours (Private) Limited iucf

33. MEECO Asia Pacific (Private) Limitediucf

34. Decon Soil and Concrete Testing Laboratories (Private) Limited

35. Monaco Maison (SMC – Private) Limited

36. Veva Lines (Private) Limited

37. Sea Well Investments (Private) Limited

38. 101 Village (Private) Limited

39. 101 Construction (Private) Limited

40. 101 Group (Private) Limited

41. Emirates Village (Private) Limited

42. Blaze Travels and Tours (SMC – Private) Limited

43. Vinci Collection (SMC – Private) Limited

44. NYU (Private) Limited

45. SIG Combibloc Obeikan FZCO – Pakistan Office

46. Equity Exchange & Trust

47. Professional Employers (Private) Limited

48. OMA Private Limited

49. MEECO Asia Pacific (Private) Limitediucf

50. Countryside Natural Products (Private) Limitediucf

51. D` Hamidi Partnership (Private) Limited iucf

52. Equity Foundation

53. CHEF International (a Non Profit Organization)

54. World Call Cable (Private) Limited

55. World Call Services (Private) Limited

56. Blue Star Energy (Private) Limited (Independent Power Producer)

57. JDW Sugar Mills Limited (Cost Audit)iucf

58. Viscas Corporation Pakistan (Branch Office of Viscas Corporation Japan)iucf

59. Comprehensive Health & Education Forum International (CHEF)iucf

60. St. Anthony’s High School – Faisal Town

61. Fabrizio (Private) Limited

62. Vivasal Foods (Private) Limited

63. Fashion Network (Private) Limited (Chain of World Fashion Cafés) iucf

64. Defense Services Officers Mess – DeSOM

65. Galleria Designs

66. 101 Poultries (Private) Limited

67. Definium (Private) Limited

68. St. Anthony’s High School – Lawrence Road

69. St. Anthony’s High School – Faisal Town

70. Bethania Hospital Sialkotiucf

71. Zor Engineersiucf

72. Association for Gender Awareness &Human Empowerment(AGAHE)iucf

73. Profarm Pakistan Private Limited iucf

Periodic Internal Audits

We have performed Internal Audits of the following establishments:

1. M/s H. A. Construction

2. M/s Al-Imam International

3. M/s Fine Packages (Lahore & Faisalabad)

4. M/s Hawks Engineering

5. M/s Metal Craft

6. M/s Infinity Engineering (Private) Limited

7. M/s Digital Plus

8. Ramazan Ali Syed Memorial Hospital

9. M/s Yenta (Private) Limited

10. Farooq Khalid Pipe Mills (Private) Limited

11. Blaze Groupiucf

12. Mehmood Pharmacy

13. Fazal Din Pharma Plus

14. Toyota Gujranwala Motors – TOYOTA Dealership iucf

15. Star Corporation iucf

16. Systems Limited

17. Ravi Automobile (Private) Limited iucf

18. Limelightiucf

19. Paramount Distributors

Fund Audits

1. Employees’ Provident Fund Medipharm (Private) Limited iucf

2. Employees’ Gratuity Fund – Medipharm (Private) Limited

3. Worker’s Profit Participation Fund – Medipharm (Private) Limited

4. Worker’s Profit Participation Fund – Coca Cola Bottlers (Private) Limited

5. Employees’ Provident Fund – Coca Cola Bottlers (Private) Limitediucf

6. Employees’ Gratuity Fund – Coca Cola Bottlers (Private) Limited

7. Employees’ Provident Fund – Schering Asia Gmbhiucf

8. Employees’ Gratuity Fund – Schering Asia Gmbh

9. Employees’ Provident Fund – MAKRO HABIB PAKISTANiucf

10. Rousch Power Pakistan Limited – Gratuity Fundiucf

11. Rousch Power Pakistan Limited – Provident Fund

12. Rousch Power Pakistan Limited – Workers Profit Participation Fund

13. Total Parco Pakistan Limited – Employees’ Provident Fundiucf

14. Total Parco Pakistan LimitedStaff Gratuity Fund

Non – Profit Sector

Comprehensive Health & Education Forum (CHEF) International Audit and Assurance

The firm is providing annual external audit and assurance services to
the Comprehensive Health & Education Forum (CHEF)International
since 2008 to date. The said NPO is operating more than 100 relief
projects under the grant agreements with following international donor agencies: iucf

1. CBM, Germany;

2. Light for the World, Austria;

3. Dark and Light, Netherlands;

4. SEVA Foundation;

Flood Relief Programs

Under the flood relief activities Comprehensive Health & Education Forum CHEF)International is
engaged in more than 35 flood relief projects. The firm is providing audit and assurance services to
all these flood relief projects since 2010 to date.

Resource Management Audits (RMA)

The firm is engaged in conducting regular aresource management RMA of following three
independent NGOs in Rattanabad, Mirpurkhaas, Sindh:

i). Society for Safe Environment & Welfare of Agrarians in Pakistan (SSEWA-PAK);

ii). Participatory Village Development Programme (PVDP); and

iii). Indus Institute for Research & Education (IIRE)

Recently the firm has been appointed by an international NGO named ICCO and Kerk in Active to
conduct Resource Management Audit of one of its implementation project located in Peshawar, KPK
Province of Pakistan titled as ‘p-00555 Mainstreaming Disability into Emergency Work KPK,

Sundas Foundation

The firm is providing audit and assurance services to Sundas Foundation since 2007 to date.iucf

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust

The firm has been engaged in providing the system development and designing services for the finance department of the Trust. The firm has developed and designed the accounting and internal control system of the trust. iucf