Feasibilities Studies and Financial Modelling

MASS Transit (Private) Limited (Lahore)

We conducted Financial Feasibility of the project to operate a fleet of 50 buses on urban transport routes within Lahore (Project worth: PKR 220 Million)

Rahat Group (Bakers & Confectioners) (Lahore)iucf

We conducted Financial Feasibility for construction of a commercial complex in the prime area of Lahore. This assignment was carried out in collaboration with a local establishment of Architects & Design Consultants (Project worth: PKR 500 Million).

Savari (Private) Limited

We prepared a financial model for Savari (Private) Limited for its project of setting up an Independent Power Producer with a capacity of 750 MW in Pakistan.

CONSART (Private) Limited

We prepared a financial model for setting up a concrete ready mix plant in Lahore for supply of concrete to various buildings under construction and those planned to be constructed in future. This project has been conceived after foreseeing a probability of sizeable investment by local as well as foreign investors in mega real estate development projects in the near future.