Taxation Services

Effective and efficient tax services provide competitive advantage by lowering the tax and administrative costs yet keeping the businesses compliant with the tax laws and regulations. UHF helps enterprises in formulating effective strategies for optimizing taxes, implementing innovative tax planning and effectively managing compliance.The firm whilst providing highest quality of service ensures that it complies with the professional body’s standards, ethics and adherence to risk policies of the firm.Our industry professionals have extensive domain knowledge that is complemented by technical proficiency and dedicated relationships with respective clients. Our tax professionals have a strong reputation in developing new ideas and solutions that have helped clients to improve their efficiencies and offer better services. We understand the underlying industry and business issues that our clients face which helps us to customize solutions for their specific needs.In the modern day world all businesses are engaged in multinational transactions and operations, they are continually challenged to manage the impact of multiple and ever-changing tax jurisdiction. Wealsoprovide comprehensive and sophisticated tax assistance in effectively structuring the impact of global taxation.

Taxation services offered by the firm encompass direct taxation services and in direct taxation services and cover:

  • Corporate Tax;
  • Corporate Tax Structuring;
  • Tax Operations Advisory Services;
  • Corporate Tax Compliance;
  • Outsourcing services of record keeping according to the requirements of the tax statute, document submission, statement and return filing;
  • Tax Valuation Services;
  • Tax Accounting Services;
  • e-filing services in respect of returns and statements using FBR – e Portal;
  • Obtaining tax exemptions under the relevant statutes;
  • With-holding tax Audit on client request and representation before the tax authorities for notices u/s 161 & 205
  • Interpretation of Taxation Treaties and advice thereon;
  • Individual Taxation; covering salaried and business individuals;
  • Transfer pricing;
  • Representing clients before appellate authorities;
  • Income Tax and Sales Tax Refunds;

The firm has been providing tax planning and related services to the following business entities in addition to more than 100 individual clients including expatriates:

1. Proton Institute of Advanced Technology (Private) Limited

2. All Rounder Sports Company (Reebok) iucf

3. Employees Gratuity Fund – Medipharm (Private) Limited

4. Medipharm (Private) Limited

5. Garter Industries (Private) Limited

6. H.A. Construction

7. Al Imam International

8. Technologies Integrated

9. Lahore Pride Security (Private) Limited

10. Media Magic (Private) Limited

11. Elan Entertainment (Private) Limited

12. MAF Hyperstar Markets Pakistan (Private) Limited iucf

13. Artisans (Architects & Designers)

14. Digital Plus

15. Geomatics Engineering Services (Private) Limited

16. T & M Engineering Services (Private) Limited

17. Surry Chemicals Pakistan Private Limited

18. Blaze Group

19. Mass Transit (Private) Limited

20. Spud Energy Pty Limited (Oil and Gas Exploration Company)iucf

21. Weans World (Private) Limited

22. Yenta (Private) Limited

23. NYU (Private) Limited iucf

24. Farooq Khalid Pipe Mills (Private) Limited (Sales Tax Audit)

25.Integrated Management Services (Private) Limited

26. Naseem Furniture

27. Profarm Pakistan Private Limited iucf

28. 101 Investment (Private) Limitediucf

29. Emirates Worldwide Investment (Private) Limited

30. Aznostics (Private) Limited

31. Catholic Board of Educationiucf

32. Fazal Din Pharma Plusiucf

33.Sinaco Engineers (Private) Limited iucf